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Exam 70-413 Designing And Implementing A Server Infrastructure

RRP $86.95

This Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) IT Professional curriculum prepares certification students for success every step of the way. This 70-413 Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure  exam course is the first of a series of two exams Microsoft Certified Solutions Associates (MCSE) candidates are required to pass to gain the  MCSE: Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 certification. These MCSE exams test the skills and knowledge necessary to design, implement, and maintain a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in an enterprise scaled, highly virtualized environment. Passing these exams confirms students’ ability to plan, configure, and implement the Windows Server 2012 services, such as server deployment, server virtualization, and network access and infrastructure.   This complete ready-to-teach MOAC program is mapped to all of the exam objectives.


Client/server Information Systems

RRP $142.95

A Complete Guide to Client/Server Architecture and Client/Server Applications-From the Premier Author in the Field! This flexible new book offers hands-on coverage of client/server architecture and client/server applications. Its practical, business-oriented emphasis fully explains everything you need to know without overwhelming you with technical detail! This practical guide offers:
* Complete coverage of application development as well as the network infrastructure over which applications are deployed
* Thorough-but not too technical!-coverage of all hardware and technology you need to understand
* Cases that detail the experiences of real companies as they implement client/server systems
* A hands-on, business-oriented emphasis that includes that includes coverage of how to integrate intranets, Extranets and the Internet
* Invaluable tips on the management and security of client/server systems not found in other books!
By the same Author Local Area Networks: A Client/Server Approach (0-471-14162-3) Applied Data Communications, 2/E (0-471-17067-4)

A Web Developer's Guide To Securing A Server

RRP $316.00

A short book in the series "Web Security Topics", by the well-known authors Nigel and Jenny Chapman. Written for Web developers who act as part-time sysadmins, this handy guide deals with a crucial aspect of Web security - securing the system on which your Web applications are hosted. It provides a clear, easy-to-understand introduction to securing a Web server host running a Unix-like operating system such as Ubuntu Server. The book offers a commonsense, practical approach to everyday security for busy developers who have to take responsibility for setting up and securing Web servers for small businesses and non-profit organizations which do not have critical security requirements. Based on first-hand practical experience combined with extensive computing knowledge, this book explains the important principles and processes which every developer administering a server host needs to understand. Full of down-to-earth advice, it describes how to avoid the main pitfalls and security risks when administering a server host - and explains why each step must be taken. Topics covered include the available methods for remotely administering a server and transferring files to it, systems of permissions based on user accounts, how to restrict users and processes to minimize security risks, how to prevent unwanted connections by eliminating inessential servers and setting up a firewall, and how to recover from break-ins to the server if the worst should happen. Clear key points provide useful summaries at the end of each section, and a valuable 14-page glossary of technical terms is included. FREE PDF OFFER: a mail-in form at the back of the book enables every purchaser to claim a free PDF copy from the publisher. This guide is not intended for developers administering Windows-based servers.


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Server Website Website Hosting Shared Server
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