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Client Data Caching : A Foundation Of High Performance Object Database Systems

RRP $629.99

Despite the significant ongoing work in the development of new database systems, many of the basic architectural and performance tradeoffs involved in their design have not previously been explored in a systematic manner. The designers of the various systems have adopted a wide range of strategies in areas such as process structure, client-server interaction, concurrency control, transaction management, and memory management. This monograph investigates several fundamental aspects of the emerging generation of database systems. It describes and investigates implementation techniques to provide high performance and scalability while maintaining the transaction semantics, reliability, and availability associated with more traditional database architectures. The common theme of the techniques developed here is the exploitation of client resources through caching-based data replication. Client Data Caching: A Foundation for High Performance Object Database Systems should be a value to anyone interested in the performance and architecture of distributed information systems in general and Object-based Database Management Systems in particular. It provides useful information for designers of such systems, as well as for practitioners who need to understand the inherent tradeoffs among the architectural alternatives in order to evaluate existing systems. Furthermore, many of the issues addressed in this book are relevant to other systems beyond the ODBMS domain. Such systems include shared-disk parallel database systems, distributed file systems, and distributed virtual memory systems. The presentation is suitable for practitioners and advanced students in all of these areas, although a basic understanding of database transaction semantics and techniques is assumed.

Distributed Database Management Systems

RRP $368.99

<b>Unique coverage of traditional database theory and current research for building easier-to-mange distributed database systems</b> <p> A distributed database management system (DDBMS) is a layer of software, implemented on top of existing database management systems, allowing users transparent access to information dispersed across a network. This book addresses the architectural and platform issues on the design and development of a DDBMS, guiding readers in building their own systems in real-world environments. <p> <i>Distributed Database Management Systems</i> is divided into three units. The first provides a theoretical foundation for understanding the internal processing of the DDBMS available to address these issues. The second unit presents the &#8220;state of the practice,&#8221; examining the architectural alternatives that practitioners will likely encounter in the real world and the exploring the general requirements for any platform capable of implementing a DDBMS architectural alternative&#8212;including those yet to be invented. The final unit focuses on distributed database implementation, examining three platforms suitable for the development of a real DDBMS system&#8212;the Java Message Service (JMS), the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), and the Microsoft .NET Framework. For each, a &#8220;starter kit&#8221; is provided (containing a detailed overview and an extensible framework) and discussed in detail.

Online Databases And Other Internet Resources For Earth Science

RRP $304.99

Though an enormous amount of information relating to earth sciences are available on the Internet, for a serious researcher, teacher, librarian or a student who has deadlines to meet, searching the Internet for specific scientific information can at times be frustrating. The main purpose of Online Databases and Other Internet Resources for Earth Science is to group these resources together and to provide the URLs and hyperlinks so a researcher, teacher or student can access them with the minimum effort, time and cost. The book also introduces the reader to a few basic concepts that propel the Internet and the world wide web so that he or she can make informed searches apart from assessing the quality and reliability of the data available on the internet. A brief introduction is provided on the current status of the draft treaty by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the EU directive on copyright restrictions for scientific databases and what a researcher is permitted to do with the data obtained from the Internet, especially those from a commercial data provider.

  • Earth science resources on the Internet are grouped into various categories: such as journals, databases, multimedia, directories, teaching aids and mailing lists
  • Online earth science publications and a list of open access publications related to earth sciences
  • The databases are further grouped into bibliographic data, specimen collection, chemical analysis, geophysical data, etc.


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